CBZ Asset Management (Private) Limited Trading as Datvest was incorporated into the CBZ Group in 2005, as CBZH diversified and positioned itself to be a one stop shop for various financial services products.

Products and Services:

  • Pension Fund Management
  • Private Equity Portfolio Management
  • Money Market investments
  • Unit Trusts investments
  • Alternative Investments

Why Datvest?

Datvest’s approach is to ensure the enhanced performance of its client’s investments. Datvest strives to fully understand its clients and use this knowledge to provide personalised financial service. The Datvest team upholds the standards of flexibility and prompt response time in meeting its clients’ needs. Datvest actively manages client investments based on comprehensive research and solid risk assessments.

Client Service

Datvest provide monthly and quarterly client services that compliment our product offering and provide a completely rewarding service experience:


Valuation statements and transaction listing Market updates through Datvest Newsletter


Fund Managers Executive Summary Equity and Interest Market Review IMMR Performance versus Agreed Benchmark

Datvest also ensures that there is constant two-way communication between the client and Datvest. As and when necessary, Datvest will proactively call for Fund Management Meetings where investment matters will be discussed on an open platform.


Sectorial Award: Best Fund Manager - 2006

Contact Details

CBZ Wealth Management Centre, Stand No. 312, Corner Edinburgh / Campbell Road, Pomona, Borrowdale
+263 4 886800 - 6
+263 4 886822




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