Do you earn a regular income and have plans to add on to your pension from your employer and NSSA. The pension fund allows you to make contributions till you retire or you stop working due to ill health early retirement as certified by a medical practitioner. CBZ Life Limited will guarantee contributions made into the scheme whilst contributions will achieve growth through prudent investments to provide a favourable pension on retirement.


  • The Policy has a 3 month grace period before it lapses and is eligible for paid up status after 2 years
  • Policyholders will get annual updates on the growth of their funds by way of a statement which aggregates premiums and investment income
  • The minimum contribution amount will be $20 per month, $240 per annum
  • Minimum investment period will be 2 years, after which the Policy would become paid up until a member reaches the minimum retirement age of 55
  • Maximum age of entry will be 40 to allow meaningful accumulation of contributions and to manage expectations from policyholders
  • Benefits will be paid on attainment of at least age 55 or due to ill health as certified by a competent medical practitioner