• CBZ Remit is a local remittance service that allows clients (CBZ and non-CBZ) to send and receive money within the country. The service will be open to remit USD and ZAR
  • Sending and redemption of money is available within the CBZ Branch network, 40 branches nationwide. Alternatively recipients of the money can redeem directly into their CBZ account via CBZ Touch. The funds will be available for withdrawal using a debit card at all CBZ Bank ATMs nationwide.


  • Clients need to produce their national ID or Valid Passport only in order to send or redeem money 
  • For CBZ Account holders limit USD500 per transaction (maximum USD 2000 per month) or ZAR equivalent. 
  • For non CBZ account holders the limit USD 250 per transaction (max USD1000 per month)or ZAR equivalent

Who Qualifies

Both account Holders and Non Account Holders