With over USD120 million pension funds under management, Datvest offers Pension fund Portfolio management services for portfolios that vary in size from $250,000 to over $20 million. Portfolios are structured in line with agreed Investment Policy Statements and fees vary in line with the size of portfolio to be managed.

Investment Approach

Our Investment Objective on all the portfolios that we manage is to “Exceed agreed benchmarked returns over a rolling three year period using a Balanced Methodology.“ Our Investment Philosophy is governed by the understanding that fundamentals eventually determine pricing in the long term. Our securities selection process focuses on value investments that are underpriced by the market. We limit speculation to funds designed specifically for speculative trading on the market.

We believe that a suitable weighting should be assigned to each asset class represented in a fund, dictated by the nature of your funds liabilities that combine to produce a diversified portfolio. We use various tools to select our investments and these are cross checked firstly against fundamental and technical indicators and secondly against our own business knowledge of the Zimbabwean companies and the economy. We keep abreast of international investment trends through regular training and our association with international investment houses. Our unique mix of skills ensures a well-rounded view when it comes to analysing investment opportunities. We believe our team will distinguish itself from the competition by offering superior service and more innovative investment structures given the depth of the pool of intellectual capital we have retained.

Performance Measurement

We use the modified Dietz method of performance evaluation and maintain detailed statistics to enable us to do this accurately and consistently. We endeavour to follow the internationally recognized Global Investments Performance Standards as prescribed by the CFA Institute. Investment Funds’ performance is measured against benchmarks that will have been agreed to by the client in the Investment Policy Statement. Further to this, we are happy to do any additional performance comparisons that our clients may feel appropriate in their circumstances. As at 31 December 2013, the overall Datvest portfolio had returned 325.14% over the 5 years since March 2009 when the market dollarized.

Fee Structure

Our fees are quoted in relation to the size of the assets of the fund and the work required in order to sustain returns for our clients. Fees are raised monthly in advance based on the net asset value of the portfolio as shown on the valuation report at the end of the respective month.

Fund size fees per annum
Less than $250,000 1.5%
Less than $2,500,000 1.2%
More than $2.5 million but less than $5 million 1%
More than $5 million 0.9%

Datvest does not currently offer performance based fees (PBF) services to clients. Given the volatile nature of our economy and the need to manage pension portfolios with a long term focus, we believe the economic fundamentals are not yet conducive to allow for proper performance based structuring of fees and encourage our clients to elect for market value based fee structures. Should you however feel strongly about having a performance based fee clause in your mandate with us, we are willing to meet with yourselves and discuss how best we can reach an amicable position on the issue.