The Datvest Modified Consumer Staples Exchange Traded tracks the performance of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed companies within the consumer staples.

The counters comprising the Datvest ETF are predominately from consumer stocks such as Delta, Innscor, National Foods, Meikles, Simbisa Brands, OK Zimbabwe, TSL, Dairiboard, and African Distillers.


Counter Datvest MCS ETF Holdings (ZWL$) Weight
Delta Corporation Limited 1,378,349,504.76 44.47%
National Foods Holdings Limited 157,044,536.30 5.07%
Innscor Africa Limited 486,211,489.34 15.69%
Hippo Valley Estates Limited 165,094,800.00 5.33%
Simbisa Brands Limited 371,617,270.83 11.99%
OK Zimbabwe Limited 129,375,154.21 4.17%
Meikles Limited 108,451,017.75 3.50%
TSL Limited 143,677,878.40 4.64%
Afdis Distillers Limited 101,876,000.00 3.29%
Dairibord Holdings Limited 57,658,691.03 1.86%
TOTAL 3,099,356,342.62 100.0%

Minimum Redemption or Creation Units = 10 million units or underlying securities equivalent

Units in Issue = 136,162,152.62

For more information, download the Datvest Modified Consumer Staples Exchange Traded Fund Prospectus here