Treasury Division conducts money market and foreign exchange trading transactions. This unit is located at 7th floor Pearl House, 61 Samora Machel Avenue Harare. Treasury offers a wide range of services to

  • Pension Funds
  • Individuals
  • Private Investors
  • Unit Trust Companies
  • Insurance and Assurance Companies
  • Asset Managers
  • Corporate Investors

Services Offered

CBZ Bank provides the following through Treasury Division:

  • Money Market Investments
  • Foreign Exchange Dealing

Money Market Investments

Treasury Division manages and trades short-term financial instruments with a tenor not more than 2 years. The Zimbabwean money market involves a wide variety of borrowing and lending contracts and encompasses transactions in which funds are bought or sold, packaged in a variety of instruments, typically for short periods of time from overnight to 2 years.

The investments options are:-

  • Bills, comprising:-
    • Bankers’ Acceptances
    • Treasury Bills
    • Special Bills e.g. AMA Bills, Agro Bills, etc.
  • Commercial paper
  • Negotiable Certificates of Deposits
  • Bonds
  • Deposits instruments for:-
    • Call deposits
    • Term deposits
    • Repurchase agreements
    • Buyback on any of the above instruments

Foreign Exchange Market

This market is essential to facilitate international trade.

Spot dealing

Foreign exchange spot dealing involves the purchase or sale of foreign currencies in exchange for another currency which must be delivered within a period not exceeding two business days.

Forward exchange contracts (FECs)

FEC is an agreement of purchase or sale of foreign currency for delivery on a specified date in the future that is more than two working days. FECs help in hedging (minimizing risk) against adverse rates movements.

Currency Swaps

Currency swaps is the simultaneous purchase and sale of an amount of foreign currency on two different dates which are usually spot and forward

Contact Details

Physical Address: Stand No 312, Corner Edinburgh, Pomona, Borrowdale, Harare
Telephone: +263 242 288 6807-11, +263 772 241 279/80 for firm quotations