The CBZ e-Branch Suite is a client centric financial services platform that seeks to provide state of the art financial services that are technology driven. All Services are accessed online through various platforms anytime, anywhere without having to visit a physical branch. CBZ e-Branch Suite gives clients personalized financial experiences that are convenient, timely, secure and cost effective.


The following services can be done through the CBZ e-Branch Suite;

  • Diaspora Accounts
  • Diaspora Mortgages
  • Digital onboarding
  • Funds transfer requests – ZIMRA Payments, Internal Transfers and RTGS
  • Funds recall
  • Statement and proof of payments request
  • ATM card applications, replacements and blocking
  • Online loan applications
  • Visa Card applications and renewals
  • Stop order processing

Who Qualifies

  • All CBZ Bank Account Holders (Both Individual and Corporate Clients)
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