This is cover for any damage or loss that can happen to your insured building and or its property.

This cover ensures a protection for:

  • Your building from all material damage
  • All your property – that is your laptops, clothing, jewelry, electronic equipment and any other property in the building.

For buildings cover is based on the material used to build it. For example a building built using asbestos, for roofing, will have a different rate to that which is thatched.

In case someone plunges into your building whilst speeding, you’ll be covered. All property is secured from some and more of these sudden unexpected adverse events.


  1. Commercial buildings – This policy will cover damage to the whole or part of the buildings commercially owned by the insured resulting from fire, floods, lightning, explosion, and other hazards stated in our policy.
  2. Business interruption – This is also covered under the all-risk policy. This is a section of all risks policy insurance that provides cover to all financial loss suffered by the insured due to disruptions of operations of their business, caused by some accident affecting the assets of the business. This means your business does not have to be chocked by a disaster; we will cover your back in the midst of these adverse circumstances.
  3. Theft – Worried about thieves or you have perfect security yet not feeling safe. This section covers any loss or damage that results from theft. The loss should have resulted from a forcible or violent entry or exit from the building by thieves. Basically thieves have to leave signs of forced entry; use of duplicate key will not be covered.
  4. Loss of profits in the case of profitable companies.

What you need to apply

  • Fully completed proposal form