Unit Trusts (or mutual funds) are collective investment schemes which involve the pooling of funds on behalf of a large number of investors, with each investor buying a certain number of units in the total fund (at the unit price ruling at the time of investment), representing their proportional investment. The capital pool is invested in carefully selected shares listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange as well as money market instruments. The income or capital appreciation from these investments accrues to each investor in proportion to the amount they invested. The funds are professionally managed to achieve maximum returns consistent with the stated investment objectives of the fund.

Advantages of Unit Trusts

  • Unit trusts provide potential for capital growth on your investment over the medium to long term, making them an excellent hedge against inflation.
  • The pooling of funds into a unit trust portfolio spread across various shares and other assets provides diversification of risk for the investor.

Managing investments requires excellent administration, an in-depth knowledge of market trends, prudent risk management and an abundance of time. Unit trusts are managed by highly qualified professional portfolio managers, hence you the investor need not worry yourself every day about monitoring performance of the markets and daily administration.

In the past, the benefits of investments were enjoyed by institutional and high net worth individuals only. Today, unit trusts are an excellent investment option for both small and large investments. Pooling money with that of other investors allows access to the expertise of professional fund managers hence the cost advantages of buying in bulk. An individual investing a small amount on their own could find dealing costs very high in proportion to the investment amounts.

Unit trusts offer the advantage of liquidity. This means that they are easier to buy and sell compared to quoted shares. Your funds are therefore available at short notice should you need them.


CBZ General Equity Fund

The fund offers a balanced equity portfolio for investors looking for solid, long-term capital growth. It mostly invests in selected shares with strong long-term growth prospects as well as blue-chip and emerging blue-chip shares.

  • Minimum Investment period of 90 days

CBZ Specialist Equity Fund

This fund is a speculative equity fund geared to more risk tolerant investors looking for substantial capital growth in the medium to long-term. The fund is managed to take advantage of changing investment opportunities and identifiable pricing discrepancies. In other words, the fund invests in shares that are believed to be underpriced but have potential for significant upside.

CBZ High Income Fund

This is a purely fixed income fund geared to the more risk averse investors looking for steady income on a monthly basis. The fund invests in fixed income securities from stable counterparties and focuses on capital preservation. Returns vary in line with prevailing short term interest rates.

What you need to apply

Individual Investors

  • Copy of identification document/s i.e. National I.D card, Passport or Driver’s license.
  • Marriage certificate (for joint accounts).
  • Proof of residence
  • 2 passport photos (per individual)
  • FATCA Form

Corporate Clients

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Trust Deeds/Partnership Agreements/ Constitution (where applicable)
  • Board Resolution and CR14, CR6 forms (where applicable)
  • Directors’ identification documents including proof of residence
  • Trust Registration certificate/ Registration document (where applicable)
  • 2 passport photos (per individual)
  • FATCA Form

Societies, Charitable Associations, Clubs, Churches and similar entities

  • Constitution/ Rules/ Agreement.
  • Identification documents of the committee and signatories including proof of residence.
  • Proof of residence
  • 2 passport photos (per individual)
  • FATCA Form