The Milady Motor Premium offers comprehensive car insurance which is an all-inclusive, all-encompassing insurance policy that will cover vehicles against all risks and perils. It also covers for policyholder’s damage as well as the damage, costs and expenses of any third party in the event of an accident.

In addition, it offers :

  1. Medical cost cover
  2. Legal cost cover
  3. Handbag cover
  4. Car seat cover


Rates and Minimum Premiums

  • Rate – 5.5% of value of vehicle/Sum Insured.


The benefit limits of the Milady Motor Premium are shown below.

Cover Benefit Limit
Third Party Property Damage $20 000
Third Party Bodily Injury $20 000
Authorised Passenger Liability $20 000/$2 000 per passenger
Unauthorised Passenger Liability $20 000/$2 000 per passenger
Medical Expenses $500
Legal Expenses $1 000
Contingent Liability $2 000
Self-Authorising Limit $300
Handbag cover $300
Car Seat $400
*Road side Assistance Various affordable options available to choose from



Excesses Applicable

The excess per risk for Milady Motor Premium are shown below.

Risk Excess
Own damage: Partial loss 10% of loss minimum $50
Own Damage: Total loss 3% of sum insured
Theft of accessories/parts 25% of loss
Windscreen Damage 33.3% of contribution
Young inexperienced driver 2 % of loss
Loss outside Zimbabwe 4% of value