Business Banking (incorporating Microfinance & Small to Medium Enterprises)

The focus of the division is premised on helping customers become financially better off. Achieving this requires more than simply providing the right products and services. It also means offering education, resources and advices to help people make informed decisions. Since 1995, CBZ Bank has made tremendous impact in both urban and rural communities by extending financial services to the less privileged.

Small scale entrepreneurs and micro-business owners account for a significant portion of our business. The health of these businesses is crucial for long term economic and social development so much that we provide innovative and sustainable microfinance services that support these small scale enterprises.

Our microfinance operations provide free financial literacy programs to clients and non-clients to strengthen basic business and finance management skills. In 2013, we provided financial coaching to a number of microfinance clients and the focus in 2014 is to expand wherever we are represented.

Through our Microfinance unit, we have financially assisted and nurtured individuals into mainstream banking with some microfinance businesses growing into corporates. We have facilitated access to health care insurance through partnering with PSMAS in launching the Link Plan which was developed to cater for the medical aid needs of microfinance clients.

The sack potato project which has been replicated countrywide was also funded by CBZ Bank and this has seen an increase in women accessing loans thus improving household welfare. All clients who access loans through us undergo orientation classes which are meant to inculcate a business culture in our clients as well as equipping them with knowledge relating to business management. Specialist training is also made available through structured business forums and consultations.

The African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association

The African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA) is an Association of Central Banks, Commercial Banks, and Agricultural Banks, Micro-finance Institutions and National Programmes involved with agricultural and rural finance in Africa.

CBZ shares the vision of the Association of a rural Africa where people have access to sustainable financial services for economic development. The mission of AFRACA is to improve rural finance environment through the promotion of appropriate policy frameworks, which enables sustainable financial institutions to increase their outreach.

CBZ Bank has been an active participant in this Association and in 2012 was elected to Chair the Association’s Southern Africa Region Chapter. Being Chair of the Sub Region grouping meant that we are also in the Executive committee of AFRACA which is the policy making organ of the Association. The Bank is represented by its Divisional Director, Retail Banking, Molly Dingani and has been very active in the Executive Committee. The Bank has also played a very positive role in influencing policy direction of AFRACA. We have also benefited a lot through our membership to AFRACA by learning new initiatives in rural microfinance, such as the role played by value chains in rural development.

Product Offering


  • Working Capital
  • Overdraft and Loans
  • Order Finance
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Advisory Services


  • Loans,
  • Medical insurance,
  • Funeral cover,
  • Life cover

According to The Edinburgh Group (EG) is a coalition of 14 accountancy bodies from across the world, representing over 900,000 professional accountants in countries from Africa, North America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the world economy and contribute substantially to income, output and employment. However, the recent global financial crisis created a particularly tough climate for SMEs, with a reduction in demand for goods and services and a contraction in lending by banks and other financial institutions.

CBZ is committed to the growth and development of this sector. Our geographic spread enables us to tap into all regions of Zimbabwe. Our award winning financial expertise will optimize your business. Our one stop shop will give you access to a diversified range of other financial services from our Asset Management Insurance and Life arms.


We have 2 core teams based in Harare and Bulawayo. Our Harare team is based at CBZ Place, Number 7 Selous Avenue in Harare and we also have a Bulawayo team based at Belmont Branch, corner Josiah Chinamano and Leeds Road in Bulawayo. Our services and products are also accessible through our extensive branch network throughout the country. Any one of over 60 Branches around the country are geared and ready to serve you.