The new whole life series has been packaged as a pre-selected group of benefits that meet a particular need. It is a combination of whole life and term assurance depending on the particular need. The premiums have now been set at much more affordable and competitive levels. Key man cover to provide funds for sustaining the business until a suitable replacement can be found.


Life Assured

The person whose life is insured. There can only be one life covered per benefit, but multiple lives can be covered via multiple benefits. Where a contracting party is a legal entity (e.g. a company) a natural person must be specified as the Life Covered (Director or a member)

Policy holder (or contracting party)

  • The person who enters into the legal agreements with CBZ for benefit(s) purchased.
  • The policy holder can be an institution e.g. a company (in the case of key person assurance) or a natural person


  • The person nominated by the contracting party to receive the benefits on occurrence of benefit event.
  • The contracting party may nominate more than one beneficiary to share in the proceeds of any particular benefit.

What you need to apply

  • Full names and,
  • Copies of IDs of Key people to be covered