They say “Nherera inoguta musi wafa amai / Intandane isutha mhla ifelwe ngunina wayo”. Translated into English, this means, ‘an orphaned child will only receive plenty of support from well-wishers on the day his mother/father passes on’. This proverb which asserts that we should leave the fate of our children or dependants in the hands of well-wishers, is an adversity, a calamity that we should refuse to internalise. We all go at some point, don’t we? We do not choose when to go, which is why we should enjoy life knowing that we have adequately prepared for the future. Enter CBZ Mi-Life Combo! A carefully crafted package with ‘ingredients’ that ensure your dependants continue to enjoy quality life after you are gone. The Combo Offers:

Bullet Payment for Funeral

The CBZ Mi-Life Combo pays out immediate funeral cash ranging from US$500 to US$5 000 on the day of the funeral. Funeral Cash Payments are done from any CBZ Bank Branch, which brings total convenience to clients since CBZ Bank has the widest Branch network in Zimbabwe.

Regular Payments for Groceries – Double Breadwinners’ Grocery Cash

To ensure continuity of life style during the adjustment period, the CBZ Mi-Life Combo pays groceries to the chosen beneficiary on a monthly basis for a period of 12 months, after the funeral of a breadwinner. The breadwinner in this case is the Member or spouse, i.e. The Breadwinners grocery benefit kicks in when a Member passes on and also kicks in when a Spouse passes on (Double Breadwinners Grocery benefit). The total annual groceries under the CBZ Mi-Life Combo ranges from US$500 to US$5 000.

Regular Payments for School Fees – Payments made Directly to Schools/Colleges as per Invoice

The School Fees Cash ingredient under the CBZ Mi-Life Combo ensures that children continue to go to the same schools after the untimely death of the Parent. Under this benefit, CBZ Life pays school fees directly to the child/ren’s school per term until the school fees benefit is exhausted or until the child completes school whichever comes first. The School fees benefit is also a ‘double benefit’ which kicks in when the Member passes on and also when the Spouse passes on.

Bullet Payment for Memorial Service and Tombstone

The Tombstone Cash ingredient provides cash to fund memorial services and tombstone (ranging from US$500 to US$5 000). The benefit is available for Member, Spouse, Children, Parents, Parents in Law and other dependants.

Bullet Payment for Accidental Death

Death due to accidents are sudden, unforeseen and devastating. They bring sudden moral and financial shock to the family. The Personal Accident Cash ingredient under the CBZ Mi-Life Combo pays extra cash ranging from US$1000 to US$10 000 for accidental deaths. This is extra cash over and above the cash payments listed above.

Cash to Cover Medical Expenses for Accidental Injuries

If the covered member is involved in an accident and survives, the Personal Accident benefit pays for Medical Expenses directly to the Medical Service Provider or Ambulance Services. If a member has Medical Aid, the benefit pays for shortfalls and if a member does not have Medical Aid, the benefit immediately kicks in from ground up.

Extra Frills (Tomatoes, onion and soup)

What is exciting about the CBZ Mi-Life Combo is that it has extra frills which come in the form of ‘FREE Airtime of up to US$50′ to facilitate communication for funerals and FREE CBZ branded portrait of the deceased (to freeze time, capture moments and keep good memories).

Combo – Discounted Pricing

It’s even more exciting that the CBZ Mi-Life Combo pricing structure follows the Pizza analogy. The analogy that if you can have pizza extras like extra cheese, the extras come at a far much lower cost. The CBZ Mi-Life Combo is priced in a way that each ingredient goes for US$0.50 per month (Yes, that’s right, only 50 Cents per month for every US$500 of cover). The Mi-Life Combo package benefits range from US$3 000 to US$30 000 and pricing ranges from US$0.75 to US$30 per month. You can choose a package that meets your lifestyle.


The CBZ Mi-Life Combo is the first in the market. A unique solution that makes us enjoy life knowing that you are adequately covered. Visit your nearest CBZ Bank Branch to join the CBZ Mi-Life Combo or call your CBZ Life Agent. A big thank you to existing CBZ Funeral Cash Plan Clients, please visit your nearest CBZ Bank Branch to upgrade your Policies.